We are VOLUNTEER powered…

Eco-Thrift relies on many volunteers to help with store tasks. Each day generous men and women donate their time to help sort, repair and recycle. Regardless of age or skill, there is a task to fit everyone’s interest.

We highly encourage you to consider volunteering. Not only is your time appreciated, but your effort is an additional small step towards making Eco-Thrift a waste-free business.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in one of our departments including:

Appliances, Clothing, Furniture, Outdoor Gear, Sportswear, Garden, Household, and Vintage Clothing.

Other Volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Appliance Repair – This includes washer and dryer testing as well as other small repairs
  2. Electronics Testing – Responsible for making sure that all electronics are working
  3. Zero Waste/Recycling Volunteers – Organizing the recycling department, containerizing recycleables, finding other ways to recycle materials, and some disassembling of items
  4. Web Site Maintenance and Merchandising – Managing Eco-Thrift’s website as well as listing items for sale on other online sources

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To Volunteer please call Stacy at 970-484-4224 or use the contact form.