Eco-Thrift is a community based thrift store dedicated to putting “reuse” into action. We take donated, gently-used items and return them to service, and partner with several local organizations to reduce our carbon footprint and keep items out of the landfill.

thrift-store-shoppingWe are not your typical thrift store. Our goal is to work with higher-end donated items of all kinds and extend the circle of a product’s “life” within the community. That means donations and money made from those donations stays within the local economy.

Most importantly, Eco-Thrift is a successful working model that can be used to educate others about the concept of re-use as a way of doing business. Stop in today and check out our ever-changing unique inventory or to support our local economy and continue reducing your carbon footprint.

Reuse in Action.

Fort Collins used furniture, clothing, household items and much more. Offering Fort Collins donation and recycle options. Eco-Thrift is dedicated to reducing waste and resource overuse within our community by facilitating high-quality donated items through a “full” recycle circle, acting as a positive model for sustainable business practices, and by supporting local sustainable organizations.