Rubble Art Collective

Rubble Art Collective is located inside of Eco Thrift!

What is Rubble Art Collective?

We are just some radical, crafty folx wanting to make art with other radical, crafty folx in our own collectively -ran maker space.  We also miss the store Who Gives a Scrap and have created a mini used art supply store that will provide the community with low cost supplies. Check out the other pages on how to become part of the collective, shop at the store, or donate used supplies.

What is the Maker Space?

This is a space to make art, meet other artists, instigate collaborative art projects, work quietly by yourself, or just sit and relax.  While the space is small, there are various work spaces, a comfy sitting area with tea, zines and books, a computer, industrial sewing machine, regular sewing machines, typewriters, and all sorts of different art supplies. We prioritized used/repurposed materials and equipment.  Supplies vary as they get used and as we acquire ‘new’ ones through either donation or purchase.  This means we won’t have the same supplies all the time. Some supplies and equipment will be available to check out and take home for a time period.

ANYONE can attend  our weekly community art hours and make art with us! There will be a collective member present to show you the space and answer questions.  If you are able, we do ask you make a financial donation or help around the space in some way in some way.  This is a community space and we believe that community care can collectively fund and support this space.  MEMBERS  (membership details here), can access this space and all its supplies and equipment during any Eco Thrift open store hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10 am- 6 pm) as well as during  weekly community art hours that fall outside of Eco Thrift’s hours. (see calendar).   


What is the Rubble Supply Store?

The Rubble Art Supply Store is just like a thrift store: people donate their old art supplies, we price them at a big discount, put them on the shelf, and you get a great deal on supplies while divesting from capitalism by buying used and repurposing.  The store is part of Eco Thrift and  is located inside of it’s location at 314 N. Howes Street at the back of the store by the tool section.  All the money that you spend on used art supplies goes towards funding the operating costs of the art collective maker space. The store is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am- 6 pm. If you have art supplies to donate, that’s great! Just click HERE for donation guidelines.