Fort Collins Eco Friendly Thrift Shopping

Have you been searching for an eco-friendly store that offers great deals and helps our community stay green? Our thrift shop is packed full of unique items and has a little something for everyone!

What You Can Find at Our Eco-Friendly Thrift Store

Our environmentally friendly thrift store is always bringing in new items. You’ll never find the same thing twice at our thrift store, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to surprise our customers and our community with what we have on offer.


If you’re looking for appliances, our thrift shop is the place to be!

We focus on providing small appliances to our community. If you’re looking for toasters, microwaves, and any other small household appliance, check out our store. We have items from across the years and countless different styles, so you’re sure to find something that fits with the way you’re taking your interior design.

For a small fee, a “sustainability fee”, we will recycle any kind of small appliance. For example, hair dryer, clothes iron, alarm clock, etc…

This fee will enable us to disassemble and recycle the various components properly.

Fees range between $2 and $8 depending on the size and complexity of the appliance.

Think again about sending that broken toaster to the landfill! Eco-Thrift takes working and non-working items (some non-working items require a fee to recycle), and will try to refurbish what we can for resale. All appliances are tested before making it to the sale floor, and come with a 2 week guarantee.


The best place to get furniture is a thrift store. You’ll find vintage, antique, and bespoke items at a fraction of the cost. Our furniture selection is always being updated when we get new items from around the Fort Collins area.

You’ll be able to find some furniture to decorate your new place or update your current living situation at our thrift store.

Sporting Goods

Ready to get outdoors? You can find gently used sporting goods at our thrift store. We’ve got skis, snowboards, and plenty of camping equipment to see you can get more in touch with your wild side.

Home and Garden

We wouldn’t be much of an eco-friendly store if we couldn’t help you take care of your home and garden!

Our home and garden supplies cover everything from tools and outdoor equipment to pots for your garden. We also carry home decor and kitchen items so you can spruce things up or get some seasonal decorations ahead of the holidays.

We have also launched our Eco-Tool Lending Library. A membership based program for renting tools you need but only use once.

Check out our Facebook (@ecotoollibrary) and our dedicated tab for more detail.


Are you looking for some fresh clothing to spice up your wardrobe? You should swing by our thrift store and check out what we have in stock. We’re always changing things up and bringing in new clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

Looking for Something a Little More Unique…

Do you want to find our selection of bespoke, slightly strange, and high-end finds? Head over to Funktional for the best thrift store finds in Fort Collins.


Get In Touch With Us Today!

Our eco-friendly store has plenty of interesting items waiting for you! Give our thrift shop a call today or stop in to find exciting items and great deals!