Fort Collins Tool Library at Eco Thrift

Fort Collins Tool Library

Spring is right around the corner! That means spring cleaning and spring projects.  We too are dreaming of building beautiful garden beds, fixing the fence, painting the house, cleaning the garage, now that we are getting more daylight and warm sunshine.

With all these projects on deck, you know you need a tool library membership this year.  Why would you spend thousands of dollars on brand new tools, when you could borrow them from the tool library!  A membership is less than $9 a month and you can borrow an unlimited amount of tools an unlimited amount of times.  Now that’s a great deal! Check out how to sign up HERE.

So what kind of tools do we have? We have over 500 tools are the tool library.  This ranges from: power tools, automotive tools, gardening tools, hand tools, kitchen tools, ladders, extension cords, t-post pullers, food dehydrators, catering equipment, lawn mowers, leaf blowers!  Almost anything you could possibly need, we have!  Check out our full inventory HERE.

Not only do you get access to these amazing tools, but you also are supporting this great community resource.  It makes tools more accessible to the community, it saves you money, and it helps divest from consumer culture.  A tool library membership makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

What Is a Tool Library?

The tool library lets us take a new and environmentally friendly approach to get the tools you need to complete nearly any job. Whether you’re doing some home renovation, cleaning up your garden, or repairing your car, our thrift tool library can get you the gear that you need and save you some money in the process. In other words, you may not have to buy new tools again!

How Our Eco Tool Lending Library Works

The tool library is just like the local library! You create a membership and borrow the equipment that you need. Also, we are here to help you avoid the hassle of extra expenses while encouraging people to try new hobbies and finish that never-ending project. For less than $9 a month, you are given access to our entire stock.
Using our tool library is a way for all of us to get access to the equipment we need at a fraction of the cost while trying new things and helping out our community.

Tool Lending Library at Eco Thrift

Tool Library at Eco Thrift